In recent years, the dangers of interior mold have become more and more known, and federal agencies including the Centers for Disease Control have warned residents against the risks of living in a home with mold. Complications that can result from mold include triggered allergy and asthma symptoms, respiratory problems and sinus infections. Despite the level of awareness being raised on the issue, you may be wondering, just how common is mold?

How Many Homes and People are Affected by Mold?

Unfortunately there’s no answer for how many homes and buildings have mold, but it’s estimated to be in the millions. Mold can be found in homes in any region of the U.S., although it does seem ...

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For years the medical and health industry has been working to show the detrimental health problems that arise as the result of mold, and researchers have just discovered a link between mold and Parkinson’s disease.

A team of scientists from Rutgers and Emory Universities were able to find that organic compounds from mold can be a potential cause of Parkinson’s.

It’s important to note that relatively little about the root of Parkinson’s is known, but in prior studies, it’s been shown that a number of factors including genetic and environmental triggers may play a role in its development.

The research shows there may be a link between a particular fungal compound, wh...

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