Got Mold?

Do you suspect the presence of mold in your home or business? There is a good chance that you are correct. The longer you wait to address a possible mold issue you risk the spread of mold throughout your home or business. Have you experienced water damage from a leaky pipe or roof? Most likely you have some mold contamination. Mold can affect inside air quality, as well as produce toxins — health risks for both people and pets.

Working with Best Dry, means no worries for me or my clients!

Kim Gelardi – Realtor – Coldwell Banker.

FAQ for Mold Remediation

I’m a tenant, do you offer a free mold inspection?

Best Dry provides free mold inspections to home owners that are looking to get a quote to take care of a visibly affected or suspected area in their property.

I have mold in my window seal, bathroom tile, kitchen grout what can be done?

If there was no source of moisture from a leak or flood, most likely the mold you see is mildew due to condensation. In most cases taking care of the source, like using a bathroom exhaust fan or an open window and cleaning the area with vinegar and water would do it.

I smell mold but don’t see anything, how can I find out?

If you know of a leak or you had a flood in a certain area of your house most likely the smell is coming from there. If not, a thermal imaging camera or moisture meters could detect the area. Another way is by testing the air for mold presence.

Do you test for mold?

Best Dry does not offer clearance tests for ethical reasons, we believe it is a conflict of interest to do both the remediation and the clearance. We do provide a third party consultant’s phone number for you to get a quote. Sample tests (swab or bulk) can be taken for lab analysis, if needed, at an additional cost.

Who is going to do the work and can I trust them?

Our great differential from other companies is that the owner Tom Petersen, goes out in every inspection and every job, so you don’t have to worry about that. We are a family owned and operated business and Tom’s credentials can be checked easily with ACAC and The Clean Trust.

Are your prices reasonable? Our prices are at or below Blue Book value, insurance companies will be billed standard prices for the industry (Xactimate prices).

Am I going to be able to use my house/kitchen/bathroom once you start the job?

During Mold Remediation, Best Dry seals off the area being worked on with a plastic containment barrier to keep the area from contaminating other parts of the house. There is no need to move out for that reason, but equipment will be placed inside the area to filter and dry the air and the noise can be somewhat of a nuisance.

Repairs after Mold Removal

Best Dry is a licensed general contractor specializing in repairs to your home or business after a flood or mold damage. Tom Petersen, the owner with over 1000 jobs completed, will work with you and your insurance if needed, to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition. We are also equipped to pack out any contents into storage, Best Dry is a complete start-to-finish water damage restoration company serving all of San Diego County.

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