Just How Common is Interior Household Mold?

In recent years, the dangers of interior mold have become more and more known, and federal agencies including the Centers for Disease Control have warned residents against the risks of living in a home with mold. Complications that can result from mold include triggered allergy and asthma symptoms, respiratory problems and sinus infections. Despite the level of awareness being raised on the issue, you may be wondering, just how common is mold?

How Many Homes and People are Affected by Mold?

Unfortunately there’s no answer for how many homes and buildings have mold, but it’s estimated to be in the millions. Mold can be found in homes in any region of the U.S., although it does seem ...

Think You Don’t Need Flood Insurance? Think Again.

As natural disasters have caused severe damage across the country and world, particularly in recent years with storms being extremely severe, it’s prompted emergency officials to promote the importance of flood insurance. It is a commonly held belief that flood insurance isn’t necessary, especially if you don’t live in a flood-prone area, but officials are working to change this perception, and help people get the protection they need, regardless of where they live.

New Mexico Flooding Serves as an Example

September was a bad month for New Mexico, due to severe flooding that occurred throughout the state, and now estimates are coming in. It’s being expected that it will...

The Hidden Dangers That Come With a Flood in Your Home

On the heels of the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the nation’s attention is on the tragedy of that natural disaster, but also the unseen results of flooding. It doesn’t have to be the result of a disaster like a hurricane—flooding in a home can occur for any number of reasons, including something as simple as a plumbing issue.

Once flooding does occur, it’s a traumatic and stressful experience for the residents of a home, but it’s not just the visible structural damage that can wreak havoc on people’s lives. It’s also the invisible problems associated with flooding. Namely, mold and other airborne fungi. The ideal environment for the growth...

Health Alert: Researchers Find Link Between Mold and Parkinson’s Symptoms

For years the medical and health industry has been working to show the detrimental health problems that arise as the result of mold, and researchers have just discovered a link between mold and Parkinson’s disease.

A team of scientists from Rutgers and Emory Universities were able to find that organic compounds from mold can be a potential cause of Parkinson’s.

It’s important to note that relatively little about the root of Parkinson’s is known, but in prior studies, it’s been shown that a number of factors including genetic and environmental triggers may play a role in its development.

The research shows there may be a link between a particular fungal compound, wh...

Tips for Effectively Handling a Mold Claim with Your Insurance Company

Mold isn’t just unsightly—it can cause everything from property damage to illnesses and health problems. Many insurance companies are reluctant to deal with their customers when it comes to mold claims, and they often try to underplay the severity of the situation, but the reality is, mold is a real problem, and it’s a growing concern across the country.

Due to the increasing popularity of mass-produced building products, more and more buildings are prone to mold problems. If you suspect you have mold in your home, it’s important that you navigate the situation with your insurance company carefully. Once you’ve made every reasonable effort to stop the leak or flo...

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Prevent Winter Flood and Water Damage to Your Home with Our Flood Prevention Tips

It’s not just spring and summer storms that bring flooding and water damage. In actuality, winter is the time homeowners should be most vigilant about protecting their homes from flood and water damage. The reason? There are several of them, including the likelihood that pipes can freeze and burst, as well as the prevalence of winter vacations, meaning unoccupied homes. Flood and water damage is not only costly on its own, but it can also lead to mold problems that will wreak havoc on a home’s air quality, and the health of your family members.

It’s not a foregone conclusion that your home will suffer from a flood this winter as long as you follow a few important steps to pr...